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Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Annual Health Check: Learning Disabilities

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“Being involved in these medicals has been one of the most rewarding things I have done professionally in a long time. From the patients arriving, anxious and uncertain, to leaving with an action plan and all the wheels in motion for any tests, check-ups and simple things like ear syringing... also updating immunisations and diagnosing previously undiagnosed diabetes.... I am very grateful for the initiative and to my practice for facilitating the medicals within the practice.”
Ripley GP


This information is for General Practices in Derbyshire & Derby City. It is to help you deliver Annual Health Checks to people with Learning Disabilities. 

Our Learning Disability Strategic Health Facilitation Team can be contacted for help and advice.

Each Practice is provided with a named Learning Disabilities Nurse from the LD Strategic Health Facilitation Team. They will provide GP practices with: LD training, verification of the LD health check register, advice upon reasonable adjustments, easy read information, local services and non-attenders.  

What is the Learning Disability Annual Health Check?

In 2008 the Department of Health announced a two-year Direct Enhanced Service (DES) to deliver Annual Health Checks for people with learning disabilities living in England. It has been proven to be effective in diagnosing conditions and treating conditions in people with learning disabilities that may otherwise have been missed. The health checks scheme has continued each year. 

In Derbyshire some of our GP Practices in the Dales and Moir Medical Centre had been trail blazers in delivering health checks prior to the DES. Most of the GP practices in Derbyshire have signed up to deliver the annual health checks, and so most of this information is relevant to the latest Enhanced Service. However practices delivering health checks to people with learning disabilities who have not enrolled in the scheme could still find this information useful.


Jackie.fleeman@nhs.net - NEL5 and all general queries

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