Board meetings

The Trust, following national guidance on keeping people safe during COVID-19, has stopped holding meetings in public during this time.  Please note that the Trust Public Board on 5 May 2020 will be a virtual meeting.  Unfortunately there will be no live tweets for this meeting and we cannot currently accommodate public access to our virtual meetings.  Agenda papers will be available online in advance of the meeting; and a summary of the items discussed  at the meeting will be available online seven days after the meeting.  Derbyshire Healthcare prides itself on being open and honest with patients, staff and the general public. Questions that are applicable to the agenda, and at the Chair’s discretion, can be sent by email to the Board Secretary – up to 48 hours prior to the meeting and a response will be provided by the Board at the next meeting.  For information on how to submit a question visit the Trust’s website.

Full details around Trust Public Board  meetings and future arrangements will be made available on the Trust’s website and shared with Trust members as soon as possible.  

Our Board of Directors meets in public on a regular basis. Anyone can attend and observe a meeting. For details of upcoming meetings please go to our Events page.

Agendas and Papers from Trust Board Meetings

View our Board papers by year by clicking on the drop-down list below. For more information about our Board of Directors, visit the 'our Board of Directors' page.

Can I submit a question to the Board of Directors?

Yes - questions will be considered by the Trust Chair if they are sent by email to the Board Secretary up to 48 hours before the meeting. If the Chair believes the question is relevant to an item on the meeting's agenda, a response will be provided by the Board at the meeting.  Email your question to our Board Secretary.  

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