Becoming a governor

governors laughingThe Trust regularly invites its members to stand for election as a governor in constituencies throughout Derbyshire. 

Being an NHS Foundation Trust (FT) means that control is put into the hands of staff, patients, service users, carers, partner organisations and the public.

These groups of people all have the opportunity to become members, and thereby influence decisions made by the Trust.

Could you be a Trust governor? Nominations now open

We are currently seeking nominations in three areas of Derbyshire for people to stand for election as governors within the Trust. For more information, please see this website Latest News item.  

What do governors do?

Governors represent the interests and views of the Trust membership.governors chatting

They have a very important role and undertake a range of functions through committees, engagement groups and quality visits.

Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Acting as an advisor to the Trust
  • Holding the Trust's non-executive directors to account
  • Providing an important link to the communities that the Trust serves
  • Ensuring that the Trust operates in a way that fits with its purpose and authorisation.

If you are interested in standing to become a governor...

Firstly you must be a member of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and be over the age of 16.

Download our membership leaflet for details on becoming a member of the Trust or use our online form.

Please then contact us if you are interested in standing to become a governor. We will send you a governor information pack.

Contact details: 

Communications & Involvement Office
1st Floor, Ashbourne Centre
Kingsway Site
DE22 3LZ

Telephone: 01332 623723