Area Teams are responsible for post-payment verification. 

Where required, practices must make available to the Area Team any information they require and that the practice can reasonably be expected to obtain, in order to establish whether or not the practice has fulfilled its obligation under the Extraction Service arrangements.

Details of verification

Verification will include audit:

  • of training records to ensure that practices have attended the required training
  • of claims of practices to ensure that the number of health checks given does not exceed the number of patients on the agreed learning disabilities register. 

Verification will also include checking:

  • the number of patients who have received health checks over the year

  • the number of those who have received a health check but declined a health action plan

  • the number of patients who have received a health check and are eligible for a health action plan but not been offered one.

The Learning Disability Strategic Health Facilitators will randomly audit a number of patients at the practice to ensure that the minimum requirements for the health check were included.

The information extracted on numbers of patients receiving or being offered health action plans will not be used for payment purposes. It will be available to support practices and NHS England to validate requirements of the enhanced service, as necessary, to demonstrate that the full protocol was followed.

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