Derbyshire Recovery Partnership logo Derbyshire Recovery Partnership (DRP) is a drug and alcohol treatment service between Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service (DAAS), Phoenix Futures and Intuitive Thinking Skills.

The service is based at various locations across Derbyshire (Chesterfield, Ilkeston, Ripley and Swadlincote) and operates from four main sites with outreach to various satellite venues. 

About Derbyshire Recovery Partnership

Derbyshire Recovery Partnership provides services to meet the health and harm reduction needs of those in Derbyshire with a drug and/or alcohol problems. The teams offer different levels of support from brief advice and harm reduction to intensive structured 1-to-1 and group work. Derbyshire Recovery Partnership also manages all substance misuse substitute prescribing for drug or alcohol treatment across Derbyshire.

The service is for any adult (18+) who wishes to address any issues they have caused by the use of drugs or alcohol. This can include binge drinking, the use of New Psychoactive Substances, as well as physical alcohol or drug dependence. 

The team promotes a recovery focused attitude which supports people to address their problems and develop skills and behaviours to promote long-term recovery.

The main elements of the service are:

  • Substance Misuse Single Point of Contact – The Hub
  • Substance Misuse recovery focused key working:
    • Mixed caseload of drug and alcohol service users
    • Structured 1-to-1 work with service users
    • Recovery planning and risk assessment
    • Group work.
  • Prescribing and/or health improvement
  • Dedicated counselling and psychotherapy provision
  • Group support/education/peer mentoring
  • Integrated family support – via CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training) model
  • A drug and alcohol training team.

The aim of Derbyshire Recovery Partnership is to reduce drug use and its associated impact on individuals, their families and communities and to move service users towards a drug or alcohol free recovery. 

Referral criteria

  • Adult over 18 years old
  • Resident of Derbyshire (excluding Derby City)
  • Experiencing drug or alcohol problems and looking for advice or treatment
  • Parents or carers wishing for advice or structured support in managing a relative’s drug or alcohol use
  • Professionals requesting drug or alcohol training.

How to access the service

Derbyshire Recovery Partnership only accepts referrals via its single point of entry referred to as The Hub. 

To refer individuals for any level of drug or alcohol intervention then please refer by calling 0845 308 4010 or 01246 206 514.

Find out more

Find out more about Derbyshire Recovery Partnership by visiting: 

Learn more about the effects of drugs and alcohol and how to get help by visiting the help with drug addictions page on the NHS website or the alcohol support page on the NHS website.

A specialist Health Intervention Team within Derbyshire Recovery Partnership provides specialist health screening as well as Hepatitis B vaccinations and Hepatitis C and HIV testing alongside advice and support. All those accessing drug or alcohol treatment in Derbyshire are encouraged to receive a health check and appropriate vaccinations. 

The main team hubs also provide enhanced needle exchange programme which engages with those IV drug users offering confidential support, advice and health assessment alongside the provision of safer injecting equipment. 

Unlike the rest of the service the needle exchange programme is accessible to anyone who wishes to access health advice, information, or safe injecting equipment (inc. safe storage boxes) without being open to the service. It also liaises with the pharmacy needle exchanges accessible across the county at numerous locations. 

Specialist prescribing is provided by our Consultant Psychiatrists in Substance Misuse and a team of specialist G.Ps, nurse and pharmacist prescribers. Phoenix Futures provide 1-to-1 keyworking, care planning and support for service users alongside any prescribing provided, as the service believes that only individual change can lead to long term recovery.