The Annual Health Check scheme is for adults and young people over the age of 14 with learning disabilities who need more health support and who may otherwise have health conditions that go undetected.

People aged 14 and over who have been assessed as having moderate, severe or profound learning disabilities, or people with a mild learning disability who have other complex health needs, are entitled to the annual health check.


Your Learning Disability QOF register (QOF indicator LD003) should be used to help identify which people should be invited for the health check. Following updated guidance from the ICB we are now advising that patients not eligible for the annual health check should be removed from the QOF Register by removing erroneous codes. Your Strategic Health Facilitator can advise you which codes  are placing the patient on the QOF Register. It remains the responsibility of the practice to amend or mark codes in error.

Your link Strategic Health Facilitator can access System One Practices remotely using their smart card. We just need you to authorise access. Practices using the EMIS system will need their Facilitator to arrange a visit to the practice and access to the system to be given for a day.

Payments from CQRS are now extracted automatically so it is more important than ever that you are entering the correct codes and are following coding advice given to you by your Strategic Health Facilitator.

Checks of your QOF register are now completed on an annual basis so please respond to your Facilitators contacts to ensure these can be completed. Accurate QOF Registers enable accurate payments which are in the Practice’s interest.

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