About the Trust

We are a provider of Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Eating Disorders and Substance Misuse services in Derby city and Derbyshire county. We also provide a wide range of Children’s Services. We employ over 2,400 staff based in over 60 locations across the whole of Derbyshire. Across the county and the city, we serve a combined population of approximately one million people.

What's special about our Trust?

What’s special about our services?

Working in our mental health services, you will have opportunities to support people of all ages – starting with our award-winning perinatal service (an inpatient and community service) and our ‘outstanding’ CAMHS service.
Our adult and older adult service offers opportunities in:

  • Forensic care – at our low-secure unit, the Kedleston Unit
  • Psychiatric liaison – we have RAID teams based within both Derbyshire’s major accident and emergency departments
  • Acute inpatient care – our three inpatient campuses have gained international recognition for their promotion of the Safewards philosophy
  • Community mental health – our CMHTs are called ‘neighbourhood teams’, as we want each team to tailor its support to the needs of local people and collaborate with local organisations to promote resilience and recovery

Our organic mental health services are driven by the latest research, supported by our dementia and delirium research team at our Centre for Research & Development. 

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