Published on: 1 November 2022

The newest edition of our members magazine Connections has been released!

This month's edition highlights a range of different events which have occured within the Trust, including the arts and crafts competition which focused on the theme of 'looking forwards'. The winners of the competition and those highly commended are included within the issue. The CAMHS open day for World Mental Health Day is also covered in this edition of the magazine with more information about some of the organisers reasons for their involvement and feedback from the day. 

The magazine also reflects on this year's Annual Members Meeting which was held virtually in September, and it outlines the success of this year's meeting and the summarised points of the Trust's performance. There is also information about the 2023 AMM meeting taking place next September. The issue also highlights the Making Room for Dignity programme and the updates on the service developments on both sites. To find out more about the programme, please visit the Making Room for Dignity webpage, please visit the Making Room for Dignity page

Along with all this, the 'Work Your Way' employment service is also focused on within the latest issue of the magazine with information about the service and how it has helped those to find and stay in work. There are also accounts from two individuals who are employed by the Work Your Way service as Peer Support Workers and they provide an insight into how the service has been beneficial to them. For more information about this service, please visit the Work Your Way page

The Trust's recent accolades are also noted within the magazine; some of the awards include the NHS Parlimentary Award and the NHS England regional and celebration award for our Specialist Vaccination Team and the 'Oustanding Contribution to NHS Communications' award for Anna Shaw, the Trust's Deputy Director of Communications and Engagement. Winter wellbeing information is also included within this issue, with details about COVID-19 boosters and the Flu vaccines available as well as some information on Seasonal Affective Disorder during winter. 

All of this and more can be found in the magazine, so please click here to download and view the November 2022 issue of Connections.