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What is Work Your Way
How can the team help me?
Sharing recruitment opportunities as an employer 
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What is Work Your Way?

We are a team of employment specialists and job coaches. We help people using community mental health services in Derbyshire to find work and stay in work, because we know that having a job can help people get well and stay well. 

We don’t just find our clients any old job, though. Our aim is to help people find the right job: one that suits their ambitions, their talents and their needs.   

How can the team help?

When you contact us, we will arrange to meet with you at a time and place that suits you. We will listen to your story and find out what’s important to you: 

  • what skills you want to use and developWork Your Work Employment Service - Good Logo (003).png
  • where you see your career heading in the future 
  • how many hours you’d like to work, and when you’d like to work them.

We will then contact employers and recruiters, and support you every step of the way as you apply for jobs, go for interviews and get settled in at work.

What about benefits?

Lots of people have questions about benefits. And we can answer those questions! 

We will give you clear advice and information about whether the job you choose to do will have an impact on your benefits. We want you to you feel confident and comfortable from your very first day at work. 

I'm an employer - can I contact you about recruitment opportunities?

Yes - we will come and meet with you at your place of business to find out more. And we will work closely with you, to make sure any applications from Work Your Way clients are suitable and a 'good fit' for everyone.

Please contact the Work Your Way employment specialist for your area, or the Work Your Way service manager - view their contact details.

Watch a video

Watch a short video where Georgie, one of our peer support workers, explains why Work Your Way is such a unique employment service.

We will talk to your care team about this, but you are in control of this decision. If you want to apply for jobs, we will support you.

We will also encourage your care team to support you, too. We are in regular contact with the community mental health teams and Early Intervention Service in Derbyshire. With your permission, we will talk to them about your career plans and ambitions, and ask them to adjust their care around your job search.

Right now, we are funded to help people being supported by community mental health teams and the Early Intervention service across Derby and Derbyshire. We also support people being supported through the Living Well programme.

We are funded by NHS England. Our service is known as an Individual Placement and Support service, or IPS for short. We report on our performance to NHS England and locally to Joined Up Care Derbyshire – the partnership that brings together Derbyshire’s NHS trusts and local councils.

We don’t get paid any commissions or bonuses for helping people into work. That means we only have to think about our clients' interests and needs.

How do I find out more?

Please call or email your local employment specialist from the list below. Or fill in the 'contact us' form at the bottom of this page.

Employment Specialists in the North 


Alex Unwin
Telephone: 07557 255969


Pam Nijjar
Telephone: 07557 255969


Karen Glaves
Telephone: 07789 003357

Rahema Begum
Telephone: 07825 402987

Nicole Bellew
Telephone: 07385 114756


Emily Wilson
Telephone: 07990 830947


IPS Team Leader North East

John Flaherty
Telephone: 07341 090152


Employment Specialists in the North East


Amber Valley:

Louise Birks 
Telephone: 07767 851475


Lauren Armstrong
Telephone: 07867 286956

Clare Farnsworth
Telephone: 07584 217862


Keeley Richardson
Telephone: 07788 713161


IPS Team Leader South

Jerome Johnson
Telephone: 07769 366541

Employment Specialists in the South

Derby City:

Diane Hawksworth
Telephone: 07741 171595

Jamiel Morgan-Smith
Telephone: 07584 775315

Leona Tucker
Telephone: 07741 171603

Nicole Gordon
Telephone: 07384 876483

Tom Simpson 
Telephone: 07502 605506

Laura Willows
Telephone: 07785 723813


Jamie Jones
Telephone: 07585 992519

Rosie May
Telephone: 07785 312267

South Derbyshire

Terence Cooper
Telephone: 07442 425908

Peer support workers - countywide

Laura Hawksworth
Telephone: 07775 702235

Michael Silvester
Telephone: 07770 342136

Patrick Hill
Telephone: 07900 660315

IPS Service Manager 

Samantha Parr
Telephone: 07919 291368

'Contact us' form

Interested in receiving support from the Work Your Way team? Please complete the short questionnaire below and a member of the team will get back to as soon as possible.

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