Message for DHCFT colleagues: the information here has been replaced by a new COVID section on Focus, our intranet. Please return to Focus and read the information there.

This page explains why we need to keep up our excellence in infection prevention and control (IPC) - and how we can encourage others to do the same.

Why IPC measures still matter

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow the current guidance, both in and out of work. We take these steps to protect ourselves and those around us – our patients, our families and friends, our colleagues and our wider communities. Even though many of us have had the COVID-19 vaccine, it is still possible for us to catch the virus and then transmit it to others. Unless we are very careful, the virus will continue to circulate.

This video from NHS England and Improvement gives a reminder about the IPC measures that help us to manage the risk of COVID-19 in our Trust workplaces.

For more information on our approach to IPC, visit the clinical information page and look for the drop-down section called 'infection control'. 

For a quick reminder of some of our key infection control measures, click on the button below to open an infographic all about IPC basics.

How to discuss IPC with others

We all know how strange it can feel to distance ourselves from others when we are at work, and that it can feel impolite to challenge someone, or decline the offer of a lift or a snack which, however well intentioned, could increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

These are feelings and worries we all have – and it is important to talk about them. 

Colleagues working in NHS trusts across the country have pulled together a series of materials to talk about the importance of our infection, prevention and control (IPC) guidance – and how we must feel comfortable in challenging people if we see they are not abiding by the current rules.

Colleagues are encouraged to watch this short film, titled ‘Because I care’. Please take a look and discuss in your teams how we take steps like social distancing and wearing a face mask because we all care about looking after ourselves and others.

Other information and resources

NHS England and Public Health England have produced a broad range of materials which you can view on the NHS England website.

These include:

Trust posters and graphics

We have also created some posters and graphics which include the Derbyshire Healthcare logo, for display in our workplaces and for use on our social media channels. You can view these in the document library below.