Published on: 31 August 2022

Local people who are part of the Derbyshire Healthcare community have been firing up their imagination and creativity over the past few weeks and sharing examples of how they are ‘looking forwards’ through our arts and crafts competition.

We’ve encouraged service users, carers, Trust members, Trust colleagues and other stakeholders and partners to send in images of their artwork and craftwork. We received over 60 entries and it was a real privilege to see them. 

The judging panel have recently met to shortlist the finalists for the competition.  The judges were Marie Hickman, Library and Knowledge Manager and staff governor; Noel O’Sullivan, volunteer, expert by experience and member of the Trust’s Equal Forum; and Kate Smith, award-winning illustrator and volunteer. Marie, Noel and Katie judged the entries and selected nine finalists.

View the finalists’ entries below, and view all the entries on the arts and crafts competition page.

And the finalists are...

  • Celia Brookes, ‘Jumping For Joy’. Judges’ comments: “This painting is full of movement and vibrancy. It depicts joy and a sense of leaping into a brighter future.”
  • Ambernette-Fay Bullock, ‘No More Masks’. Judges’ comments: “This picture sums up what many people were thinking as we came out of COVID  and felt freer without our masks and able to breathe again.”
  • Shealeigh Clarke, ‘Moving Forwards’. Judges’ comments: “This is a really symbolic picture of coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, showing the artist’s recovery journey and being able to move forwards.”
  • Denise Dell, ‘Looking Forward to a Clearer Dawn’. Judges’ comments: “The title of this painting epitomises the image. Of moving forwards on a winding path towards the sun – evoking a more positive future.”
  • Janina Finch, ‘Finally Going to the Beach’. Judges’ comments: “What a fun and happy image, it made us all smile. We wanted to visit the scene and paddle in the sea – it is so tempting as it sparkles and shimmers. This was something we are all looking forward to – going on holiday and swimming in the sea.”
  • Margaret Foulkes, ‘Wherever we go (Peace)’. Judges’ comments: “The bright colours are lovely and evoke such happy feelings. The waterway leads towards the cornfields. It reminds us of the spring time and new beginnings.”
  • Amanda Lord,  ‘New Beginnings’. Judges’ comments: “The technique of this felted picture really impressed us. The technical ability and use of the medium and colours are fantastic. The image also evokes such a positive feeling of dancing and being free.”
  • Tom Porritt, ‘Together’. Judges’ comments: “The sentiment behind this drawing rang true with us all.  The words ‘together’ written in different languages are really inclusive. The image of the woman looking thoughtful and pensive is beautiful. She is looking up at the light as if she is looking towards a brighter future.”
  • Tracie Mason, ‘Mother Nature’s Angel’. Judges’ comments: “This was the most discussed entry as the judges had contrasting views. It is a thought-provoking and beautiful sculpture. It is so intricate, each angle brought out different emotions.”

We will be announcing the winners and highly commended at the Trust’s Annual Members Meeting (AMM) which is taking place on 21 September from 4pm to 6pm. Learn more about the Annual Members Meeting and book your place.  

The AMM will be a virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams – click here to join the Annual Members Meeting on MS Teams on 21 September at 4pm.

All finalists will receive a certificate and prize. The meeting also includes a showcase of our new hospital builds and our Work Your Way employment service.

Denise Baxendale, Membership and Involvement Manager, who organised the competition, said: “Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. It was a real privilege to see your art and craft work and to celebrate your achievements. It is clear that from all the entries that being creative is really important to many of us.  Using our imagination and creating original work is a means of expressing ourselves whilst also being very therapeutic.”

View the finalists' entries

The judges selected nine finalists, and their entries can be viewed below. The images will scroll through automatically, or you can click on the arrows to move forwards and backwards through the images.