Workplace Training Programme

Every year, it is estimated that 1 in 4 people have a mental health problem. These often present at work, and there is increasing evidence that workplaces that are knowledgeable and supportive about mental health in the workplace see increasing benefits in terms of productivity, turnover and employee relations.

Talking Mental Health Derbyshire is a local NHS Improving Access to Psychotherapies (IAPT) Programme, offering expertise in identification and treatment of mental health problems to people across Derbyshire. We offer training packages to businesses of any size, working with you to develop sessions that address your specific needs. These may cover topics like the signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and tips and techniques that anyone can use if they are experiencing problems. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer to purchase an existing training package, our Stress at Work sessions offer training for managers to identify potential problems in the workforce, and increases confidence in working with these. These sessions:

  • Explore the differences between stress and other common mental health problems
  • Discuss signs and symptoms which may present at work
  • Facilitate discussion of changes that could be made in the workplace to help manage stress
  • Give an understanding of the different ways stress can affect people
  • Share practical ideas about identifying and managing stress
  • Increase manager or colleague confidence in approaching someone who appears stressed anxious or depressed
  • Increase knowledge of resources available to help people experiencing mental health problems.

We can also offer sessions geared towards all staff members, helping them identify and improve the ways they cope with stress, anxiety or depression.

To arrange a consultation, or for any questions, please contact Julie Westrupp, on tel: 0300 123 0542, or email:

What our clients say

"Really enjoyed the session, very interesting and would like to learn more."

"Very worthwhile course."

"Very well delivered and easy to understand."