The way we provide our 0 to 5 service has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Child health clinics are now appointment only. If you want an appointment to get your baby weighed or to discuss another issue, please message us through our ChatHealth text messaging service: 07507 327754 

We will either be able to help you right away or arrange an appointment for one of the clinics. 

Please bring your child's red book with you when you come to the clinic.

Questions about Strep A?
Take a look at the new Strep A page on the NHS website. Please contact 111 or get an urgent GP appointment if your child is unwell and showing any of the symptoms of Strep A. Call 999 or go to A&E (hospital emergency department) if:
  • your child is having difficulty breathing – they may make grunting noises, or you may notice their tummy sucking under their ribs
  • there are pauses when your child breathes
  • your child’s skin, tongue or lips are blue or grey – on black or brown skin this may be easier to see on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet
  • your child is floppy and will not wake up or stay awake.