Your Care

hospital bed being madeWhilst in hospital we want to give you the best care possible and make sure your individual needs are met. As well as this, we need to keep you safe and ensure your stay is pleasant and productive.

Our aim is to keep you safe, help you feel optimistic and hopeful about your health and wellbeing and support you through your period of need for hospital care. We aim to provide you with a solid quality of care during your stay with us.

We want you to:

  • be involved in decisions about your care and treatment

  • have an assessment of what your needs are

  • have, if appropriate, a Care Co-ordinator to help pull everything together

  • have a written care plan explaining what is happening

  • be involved in regular reviews to check that everything is going ok

  • have support for your carers/family if they need it

  • be followed up if you go on leave, and after you leave hospital, to make sure you’re ok

  • have copies of letters written about your care, if you’d like them 

You can also read the helpful guide from MIND about leaving hospital after a mental health crisis - Planning for Recovery

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