Our Trust strategy sets out our shared ambition from 2022 to 2025.

The strategic plan shows the following elements of our strategy:

One vision

‘To make a positive difference in people’s lives by improving health and wellbeing’

Two clinical priorities

Our clinical priorities are that our services will be...DHNFT_Vision_&_Values_Illo_FEB22_v3_OUTLINED.jpg

  • Designed in consultation with our colleagues and people who use our services
  • Based on best clinical evidence.

Four strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are as follows:

1. Great care 

  • Delivering compassionate, person-centred, innovative and safe care
  • Choice, empowerment and shared decision-making is the norm.

2. Great place to work

  • Attracting colleagues to work with us who we develop, retain and support by excellent management and leadership
  • An empowered, compassionate and inclusive culture that actively embraces diversity.

3. Best use of money 

  • Making financially-wise decisions every day and avoid wasting resources
  • Always striving for best value by finding ways to make our money go further.

4. Great partner

  • Actively embracing collaboration as our way of working, seeing beyond our organisational boundaries both within and outside of Derbyshire.
  • Working together with the citizens of Derbyshire to ensure they have the best start in life, stay well, age well and die well.

Four values

Our vision is underpinned by four key values, which were developed in partnership with our patients, carers, colleagues and wider partners:

People first – We work compassionately and supportively with each other and those who use our services. We recognise a well-supported, engaged and empowered workforce is vital to good patient care
Respect – We respect and value the diversity of our patients, colleagues and partners and for them to feel they belong within our respectful and inclusive environment
Honesty – We are open and transparent in all we do  
Do your best – We recognise how hard colleagues work and together we want to work smarter, striving to support continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

Five clinical ambitions

Our clinical ambitions are that our services will:

  • Be person-centred and prevent ill health
  • Provide care at home or in the community where possible, through a partnership approach to promote individual and community resilience
  • Ensure any admission to hospital is within Derbyshire and kept to the shortest effective period of time
  • Be compassionate and take account of trauma-informed practice
  • Involve people who use our services in designing their care and treatment, to meet personal goals throughout their lives.

We have also developed an image to illustrate these clinical ambitions. View this below. You can click on the image to view it full-screen.

Our clinical ambition graphic poster