Published on: 6 May 2022

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to announce that two of its executive directors – Ifti Majid, Chief Executive, and Ade Odunlade, Chief Operating Officer - have been appointed as chairs to two NHS national networks.

Ifti has been elected as the chair of the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network and will promote excellence in mental health services, with an aim to influence national policy development to encourage best practice and innovation across the sector. 

Ifti Majid, Chief Executive of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It is an honour to lead a network of such committed members spanning the whole sector where we have an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of people with mental health difficulties and their families. 

“I look forward to working with these dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to improve our mental health sector, and I hope to learn a great deal that I can bring back to Derbyshire, to benefit local people.” 

Ade has also taken on the role of chair, but for the NHS Providers’ Chief Operating Officers Network, to shape and influence the way the NHS operates as well as provide support and guidance for members. 

Ade Odunlade, Chief Operating Officer of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It is a huge privilege to represent the NHS on a national scale, to provide my perspective on key operational issues and explore how we can better the system for all.

“I will use my experience as Chief Operating Officer here at Derbyshire Healthcare to embed core values in my work for this network, such as creating a ‘people first’ approach. Where there are innovations and examples of good practice shared by my fellow network members, I will make sure we apply those in our Trust services.”