Published on: 18 April 2019

The Trust marked 100 years of Learning Disability (LD) Nursing with a special celebration event.100-years-ld-nursing-4.jpg.jpg
Colleagues gathered to learn about the history of LD nursing and local innovative practice. LD nursing colleagues submitted comments about what they are most proud of in their role, and a celebration cake was cut. 

The event was opened by chairperson Daniel Hardy, Assistant Strategic Health Facilitator at the Trust. Learning Disability and Mental Health Nurse Consultant Gaynor Ward put together a history of LD Nursing and Daniel and Gaynor challenged attendees with a Who Wants to be a Millionaire style quiz. 

Courage and bravery

Clinical Team Leader Gill Baker, who is due to retire from her LD nursing role later this year, commented: “The best thing about being an LD nurse is how privileged I feel when people with an LD share information with me and I witness their courage and bravery in doing this. I remain in awe of their achievements.

“I am so proud to have: 

  • promoted changes to services that have helped to address the inequality often experienced by people with an LD
  • developed nurses to achieve their potential and aspirations
  • not been afraid to speak out if it is in the best interest of people with an LD.”