Published on: 10 December 2021

Christmas is a time for celebrating and spending time with friends and family – and this year we’re looking forward to it more than ever!

For many of us, having a few drinks is part of the festive celebrations, but it can be difficult not to overdo it. So, Drinkwise Derby is offering friendly advice to help you stay safe and in control of your drinking while you enjoy Christmas and New Year. Here are a few of the tips from

  • If you’re going out, don’t be tempted to have a couple of drinks at home beforehand – but do have something to eat so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach.
  • In the pub try to alternate with non-alcoholic drinks and avoid getting into rounds. Plan what non-alcoholic drink you’ll ask for to make it easy. If your partner or a friend is trying to manage their drinking too, agree to support each other while you’re out.
  • If you’re looking forward to a few drinks at home over Christmas, use a proper measure for spirits and glasses of wine, and only pour singles or small amounts (125ml). Use a smaller glass too – it’s surprising how much difference this makes.
  • There are lots of non-alcoholic options in supermarkets these days, from alcohol free versions of beers, wines and spirits to grown-up cordials and sparkling fruit drinks. You can try making your own mocktails too. Take a look at these recipes at bbcgoodfood and 
  • And try to keep a few days alcohol free over the holidays – you’ll feel all the better for it!

Unsurprisingly, 61% of drinkers drink more at Christmas, and we spend 25% - 50% more on alcohol at Christmas. Head over to for more tips and advice on how to enjoy your drinking safely during the festivities.

Drinkwise Derby is provided by the Derby Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service - a partnership of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Aquarius and Phoenix Futures.