Published on: 5 March 2024

A Derbyshire Healthcare colleague is taking part in a series of marathons and long-distance runs across the world, to raise money for the charity Doctors in Distress. 

Professor Subodh Dave, a Consultant Psychiatrist at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust who is also Dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a Trustee of Doctors in Distress, is determined to complete 12 marathons and long distance runs by 9 June 2024.

Having already completed some runs, Subodh has also set out to complete:

  • 21 January – Tata Mumbai Marathon, India
  • 4 February – Warwick Half Marathon, England
  • 18 February – Naseby 1645, England
  • 17 March – St Patrick's Day Run, England
  • 24 March – Spenborough ‘Spen’ 20, England
  • 31 March – Gloucester Half Marathon, England
  • 6 April – Bratislava 10K, Slovakia
  • 7 April - Bratislava Marathon, Slovakia
  • 21 April – London Marathon, England
  • 3 May – 40 Mile Run, England
  • 18 May – White Peak Marathon, England
  • 9 June – Comrades Marathon, South Africa

Subodh explained: “I have lost colleagues to suicide, which is why I am particularly passionate about this cause. Unfortunately, most people working within healthcare will know someone who has taken their own life at some point in their career. I am keen to advocate to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing among colleagues in the healthcare sector. We know that early recognition and help seeking can save lives.”

“All funds will help to support Doctors in Distress to help them conduct support groups for vulnerable colleagues and provide life-saving help.”

Money raised from the fundraiser will go to charity Doctors in Distress, a leading national charity working to nurture the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare workers and to prevent suicides in healthcare. Derbyshire Healthcare have recently collaborated with Doctors in Distress for a tree planting ceremony to raise awareness around suicide and have since continued to work on improving wellbeing. 

The NHS is the largest employer in the UK with over 1.2 million healthcare workers. Unfortunately, suicide rates in the healthcare sector are higher than the general population as a result of burnout, anxiety and depression amongst a range of healthcare professions.

Dr Arun Chidambaram, Medical Director at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust said: “We take the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues extremely seriously. The Trust understands the pressures that healthcare workers are under and values their commitment to the profession, particularly as we are a provider of mental health services.

“It is highly commendable what Subodh is doing in recognition of the challenges many healthcare workers face day-to-day. Derbyshire Healthcare is in full support of this charity project and we applaud Subodh for his commitment to Doctors in Distress.”

Subodh has so far raised more than £2,370. If you would like to donate to the fundraising campaign, please visit Subodh’s JustGiving page to find out more. 

Ann Paul, Chief Executive of Doctors in Distress, said: “We are so proud and grateful that our Trustee Subodh is taking on this incredible feat to raise money for Doctors in Distress to enable us to continue our vital support for healthcare workers.

“We run a range of free group-based peer programmes focused on mental health for all healthcare workers. These vary from, drop-in sessions and creative classes, to webinars where a health professional shares their mental health experience. Our groups are open to anyone who feels burned out by work.

“We rely on donations to continue our work to protect the mental health of healthcare professionals and prevent suicide, so we are very thankful for all our supporters and fundraisers.”

All healthcare workers are welcome to join Doctors in Distress’ weekly drop-in sessions each Wednesday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm where there will be a chance to share issues with peers for group support. To register visit the Doctors in Distress Eventbrite page.