Published on: 20 September 2019

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The Delivering Excellence Awards are our annual awards recognising staff and volunteers. Thanks to everyone who submitted a nomination for this year’s awards. All the nominations were considered by a judging panel made up of Ifti Majid, Trust Chief Executive; Caroline Maley, Trust Chair; Al Munnien, staff governor; Noel O’Sullivan, peer support worker; and Philomena Temple from Derby City Life Links.

Three finalists have been chosen in each category and will be invited to the awards ceremony on 20 November 2019. Below you can read an extract from the nomination submitted about each finalist. 

And the finalists – in alphabetical order by surname – are…

Compassion  in Practice
(service user and carer nominations)

Debbie Edwards, Learning Disability Liaison Nurse
“Debbie is kind, calm and considerate and a welcome and familiar face.  Her support and presence is reassuring and her knowledge and experience is invaluable.”

Sharon Gregory, Lead Nurse
“I don’t know what I would have done without Sharon’s support.  The care and support I received was absolutely amazing.  She saved my life and I will be eternally grateful.”

Joanna Miatt, Service Manager and Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist
“Joanna is compassion personified.  A truly caring, supportive and dedicated member of staff, she demonstrates unwavering patience and relentless support in the face of challenges and setback.”

Going the Extra Mile

Andrew Green, Stores Clerk
“Andrew recently undertook a project for the Estates & Facilities team to look at the vehicle fleet.  Andrew managed to secure additional fleet vehicles for the same price as the original quote, creating circa £50,000 worth of actual cash efficiencies.” 

Lesley Lennon, Medical Secretary
“Lesley goes above and beyond to look after each and every person she is in contact with.  She is an excellent communicator, always making herself available to any member of the team.  She also has a wealth of experience and is calm, compassionate, pragmatic and dedicated.”

Pete Matkin, Chargehand Porter
“Pete leads by example and this is demonstrated in the way he interacts with staff, colleagues and service users.  He gives over 100% to ensure that every task is completed to the best of his ability. Pete is truly appreciated and it’s clear how he makes a massive difference to the Trust.”

Enhancing our Workforce 

Victoria Holden, Positive and Proactive Support Training Instructor / Assistant Learning and Development Facilitator
“Victoria has worked tirelessly within the training team to develop the person-centred care training package with the existing restraint package.  Her passion for this element of care, designed not only at avoiding more restrictive methods of control but also enhancing existing compassionate skills has shone through and attracted much interest from outside the Trust.”

Nicola Lewis, Occupational Therapist
“Nicola has made an outstanding contribution to the education of Occupational Therapy students over the last academic year.  She is involved in student forums and has made valuable contributions to the education of other educators.”

Dave Nunn, Service Manager
“Dave has recently trialled a preceptorship post for a newly qualified mental health nurse within his team, which has been a great success.  His approach shows fantastic leadership qualities in line with our values for patient care and also for retaining staff within our workforce.”

Inclusion and Partnership

Leanne Walker, Expert by Experience
“Leanne is a positive role model and influencer, which we find extremely powerful and inspirational. She exemplifies the principles of collaborative working, empowerment and inclusion.”

Karen Wheeler, Occupational Therapy Lead
“Karen has been a great advocate for inclusion and partnership throughout her career.  She has made a huge impact on the inclusion and partnership agenda, leading to the development of a range of projects within the community.”

Fiona Wimhurst, Lead Nurse
“Fiona has been part of the Care Homes Project and was allocated a large residential home to work with.  She has been a great resource for other members of staff and in so doing helping them to provide a better quality of care.”



Jane Foulkes, Community Psychiatric Nurse
“Jane had support from colleagues and outside agencies to set up the #runwalktalk events.  These events promote inclusivity, community resources and break down barriers between service users, staff and public, tackle stigma and promote exercise for physical and mental wellbeing.”

Kelly Norris, Non-Medical Prescriber
“Kelly has used her non-medical prescriber knowledge to overhaul the outpatient clinics for the team, which has enabled the waiting list for outpatient appointments to be cut in half. This new way of working has allowed patients the opportunity to build on both new and established therapeutic relationships.”

Martyn Revis, Reception/Admin Support
“Martyn independently researched the effects of virtual reality on improving physical health conditions. He is innovating, forward thinking and embodies the Trust values. He went above and beyond in his role to make a positive difference to patients’ lives.”


Inspirational Leader

Ruth Crawford, Service Manager
“Ruth always ensures her staff’s wellbeing and happiness is at the forefront.  She is constantly available and approachable for any emotional and practical support. She is thoughtful, kind, enthusiastic, motivated and passionate. She always makes sure that everyone feels recognised and valued.”

Stacey Rach, Lead Nurse
“Stacey leads and shows others the way by accompanying them on their journey. She helps them to get where they want and need to be. She shows an amazing degree of kindness, empathy and compassion.”

April Saunders, Physical Health and Wellbeing Lead
“April’s coaching and leadership has enabled a staff member to start on a new and brighter path.  She is inspirational and dedicated and helps staff to set goals and take responsibility for their own situations.”


Rising Star

Grace Clements, Mental Health Practitioner
“Grace has been pivotal in setting up a brand new service looking at supporting young people and families at risk of Tier 4 hospital admissions.  She has promoted the team to be one of openness, friendliness, supportiveness and cheerfulness.  Grace’s enthusiasm is infectious and she always has a smile on her face and knows how to relate to peers, young people and families, supporting them through difficult times.”

Simon Rose, Lived Experience Educator
“Simon has developed and delivered teaching to medical students.  His work so impressed medical educators that he was asked to extend his work to Chesterfield to work with students from Sheffield University.  He also is involved in other educational work such as the Epiphany course for junior doctors.”

Emily Shaw, Lead Nurse
“Emily utilises her skills to enhance the team’s therapeutic offer and supports continued embedding of good practice.  She has also played a pivotal role in setting up clinics which are having a positive impact on patients’ lives.  Emily shows strong leadership skills and is an asset to the Trust.”


Volunteer of the Year

Jonathan Brailsford, Peer Volunteer - EIS and Cubley Court
“Jonathan demonstrates confidence, patience and kindness and has adopted a compassionate approach to the work he does.  He provides a safe space for clients and shows skill and insight in helping clients with their own life values.”

Simon Dean, Volunteer Peer Support Worker
“Simon makes a valuable contribution to the Hub team at the Radbourne Unit.  He is upbeat, down to earth, approachable and empathetic.  He gives clear examples of his use of coping strategies and how he has embedded them in his daily routines.  He is always professional in his approach and his peers find him sensitive and compassionate.”

Karl Ryan, Volunteer - Psychiatry Teaching Unit
“Karl is an enthusiastic member of the Psychiatry Teaching Unit’s expert patient programme.  He has shown inspirational commitment and is so driven to “give something back” that he serves as an example of how effective and meaningful involvement can help with an individual’s recovery journey.”

Congratulations to all of our finalists and good luck for the Delivering Excellence Awards ceremony!

DEED of the Year award

The DEED of the Year award will also be presented at the ceremony, with the winner chosen from among our DEED colleagues of the month: 

September 2018: The Estates, Catering and Portering Team for all of their help and support throughout the series of NHS 70th birthday celebrations.

October 2018: Sonia Pangulier for constantly going above and beyond and her dedication to the staff and patients on Ward 33.

November 2018: Dr Madeleine Bonney-Helliwell for always putting our service users’ wellbeing at the centre of her work.

December 2018: Killamarsh and North Chesterfield Neighbourhood Older Adults Team for being more than just a workplace and being a great support network for each other.

January 2019: Louise Williamson for all her hard work and support in relocating her team to a new base.

February 2019: Cubley Court Female for providing outstanding care through a patient-centred approach that is often recognised by relatives and carers.

March 2019: Lorraine Treble for the kindness and compassion that shines through her daily work.

April 2019: Kelly Page and Laura Harrison for working together in going above and beyond by putting a patients needs first. 

May 2019: Beki Lowe and Amy Dalby for demonstrating superb organisational skills and putting a patient at the heart of what they do. 

June 2019: Lynsey Cockerton for responding to a patient in crisis and coordinating joined up care to provide the best possible support.

July 2019: Matt Lyons for using his creative skills to enhance training and being recognised as a fantastic ambassador by the training provider. 

August 2019: Alex Patrick for consistently providing the highest level of care and following best practice to support patients with dedication and compassion.