Published on: 5 June 2019

The head of the Care Quality Commission, the national health watchdog for England, met staff and service users when he visited Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.peter-wyman-executive.JPG

CQC chairman Peter Wyman was visiting the Trust on an informal basis at the invitation of the Trust Chair, Caroline Maley. The two are pictured right with Trust Chief Executive Ifti Majid.

During a day at the Kingsway Hospital and Royal Derby Hospital sites run by the Trust, he spent time at the Hope and Resilience Hub in the Radbourne Unit and also visited The Beeches Mother and Baby Unit, where he was able to meet colleagues and service users with their babies. 

He also met senior Trust colleagues including Chief Executive Ifti Majid and Director of Nursing and Patient Experience Carolyn Green. 

Enthusiastic staff

Mr Wyman, who visited the Trust on 5 June, said: “I have had a super visit to Derbyshire Healthcare Trust and I have seen some hugely enthusiastic staff doing great things. This has been a very informal visit for my own benefit. I like to spend at least part of my week visiting frontline services, so that I can see for myself what key healthcare staff are achieving.”

Caroline Maley commented: “It has been an excellent day, and a great opportunity for the chair of the CQC to see some of our services in action, and witness some of the amazing work our staff do at the Trust, which we are so proud of.”

Senior Perinatal Nurse at The Beeches Shelley Brough said: “Mr Wyman was able to see a mum and baby singing group which was taking place in the sensory room and we discussed some of the therapeutic activities which take place on the ward. 

Promoting recovery

“The Beeches aims to provide an environment which is inviting and non-clinical and recognises the needs of the family. Staff have gone to great lengths to develop a sensory room, therapeutic garden and a peter-wyman-beeches.JPGprogramme of activities to meet the needs of the mum, babies and their families which promote recovery and wellbeing.”

Mr Wyman is pictured right with colleagues from The Beeches.

Ward manager at the Radbourne Unit Shirley Heldreich said: “We talked about the role of the unit, including the groups we offer, the two new clinics, for clozaril and olanzapine, and the new recreation team, including the impact its introduction has had on the wards. Mr Wyman also had the chance to join the Creative Expression group.”

A former service user was full of praise for the Hub: “My illness was a wake-up call to admit that I couldn’t cope, but sharing my problems has given me some hope. Every day seems that little bit more easy, and it’s mostly down to the work that all in the Hub do to help.”