Published on: 11 November 2022

People who are being supported by our drug recovery services and who have a Prenoxad kit are being asked to check their kit to make sure it has two needles.

If you are supported by either Derbyshire Recovery Partnership or Derby Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service, and have been issued with a Prenoxad (Naloxone) kit, please carry out a visual inspection of the kit - you don't need to open the kit to do this.

How to check the kit

Please follow these steps:

  1. Hold the kit up to the light - for example a window or a lamp. 
  2. If needles are present, two (2) dark squares can be seen in the middle of the kit, off set slightly as 
    shown below and indicated by the circle below on the image.
    Image of Prenoxad kit with two dark squares visible
  3. If one (1) needle is present, only one (1) dark square will be seen as shown below and indicated by the circle below on the image:
    Prenoxad kit with one dark square visible
  4. If no needles are present, the dark squares cannot be seen as shown below:
    Prenoxad kit with no dark squares visible
  5. If you are missing a needle, please come back into the service and get a replacement. 

Why has this alert been issued?

This is a national patient safety alert. While we are not aware of any issues in Derby or Derbyshire, it is very important that Prenoxad kits are checked.

Learn more about the national alert on the website.