What to expect

  1. Following receipt of the referral and the appropriate questionnaires, they will be reviewed by our multidisciplinary team who will be able to forward the referral to the most appropriate service or follow up with a telephone call to the referrer.
  2. On acceptance of the referral you will receive a letter informing you which team will be completing the assessment.
  3. At the assessment you will be asked some questions about your child in their early years and the family. This may be completed online via video, on the telephone or face to face. Depending on the information provided you may be asked to complete further assessments to help establish a full understanding of your child’s needs.
  4. Once we have the necessary information depending on the child’s needs the initial service you see may be able to provide you with information to indicate if they met the criteria of diagnosis. However sometimes we will need to meet with other members of the Multidisciplinary ND team to discuss the assessment findings to help agree the outcome, prior to feeding back to the family.
  5. Following the assessment, individual support is not provided unless your child has a health need, such as medication or particular type of therapy e.g. Speech and Language or Mental Health provided therapies. There is a range of services which can be accessed online or via school pre and post assessment. These can be found on the SEND Local offer for your area.