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Saturday 16 February 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Criminal justice liaison and diversion team

Eating Disorders service

The criminal justice liaison and diversion team provides an innovative screening service available at several points within the Criminal Justice System. This allows early detection and assessment of offenders with mental health, learning disability, substance misuse or other vulnerabilities, to ensure appropriate and effective outcomes.

NHS England has invested extra funding in order to create this full liaison and diversion team, serving people of all ages and all vulnerabilities. Learn more on the NHS England website.

Whom does the team support?

The service is aimed at those who come into contact with the Criminal Justice System because they have committed, or are suspected of committing, a criminal offence and:  

  • may be acutely or chronically mentally ill and need to be assessed under the Mental Health Act

  • may have neuroses, behavioural and/or personality disorder

  • have a history of contact with mental health services

  • have a learning disability

  • have an issue with substance misuse

  • have other relevant vulnerabilities.

How does the team operate?

The criminal justice mental health team assesses people in police custody at Derby, Chesterfield and Buxton police stations, magistrates courts in Derby and Chesterfield, and Derbyshire probation services. It also works with youth offending teams.

The team carries out screening to identify whether an individual has vulnerabilities. They will then support vulnerable individuals to access their first appointment and begin the process of giving them advice to improve their health outcomes and reduce their chances of re-offending. That advice could be about direct health-related matters or issues like housing or finance.

The team also provides a prompt response to concerns raised by police and the courts. It can provide key information without unnecessary delay to help police and courts when charging and sentencing vulnerable people.

It can also act as a point of referral for service users to make sure that they know about treatment and rehabilitation appointments.

Where is the team based?

The team is based at three locations - one in Chesterfield and two in Derby. Across those three bases there are teams of nurses and engagement workers. 



St Andrews House
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