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staff-members-sitting-side-by-side.jpgThe Erewash Neighbourhood team provides mental health support to adults regardless of age; this support is based on individuals’ needs.

After assessing your needs, the team will work with you to help you find both short-term and longer-term ways to improve your mental health, and to focus on healthy living and behaviours. The team may also ‘signpost’ you to other local community groups, organisations and amenities that may help you – such as by enabling you to meet new people in your community, build your confidence, keep yourself well or gain new skills.  

The team is made up of a range of health professionals including nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, mental health support workers and consultant psychiatrists.

Who does the team support?

The Erewash Neighbourhood team offers support to people with a range of mental health difficulties. Examples of these include psychosis, bi-polar, personality disorder, severe depression and anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and dementia.

How can the team help me?

The aim of all the support we provide is to assist you in your recovery - if not to full health, then to the point of enjoying the best possible quality of life. Because we work in a multi-disciplinary way, the support we provide may involve a range of different approaches. It may include medical support, support to change the way you view yourself and how you deal with stressful situations, we may help you talk to other agencies in order for you to get the support you need, as well as psychological approaches. We believe that taking a collaborative approach with you and, where appropriate, your carers, provides for a meaningful care and treatment plan, so wherever possible we will involve people in this process.

Where it is needed, we will undertake short-term work with you if you are at risk whilst adjusting to a life event or have a specific mental health diagnosis which requires short-term support. We can also provide longer term support; this includes an ‘assertive outreach’ function which is geared towards people who experience psychosis and have difficulties engaging with healthcare services, and/or need a very proactive approach to ensure that the service meets their individual needs. We will also work with people with dementia and those important to them to enable them to remain as independent as possible. This may be short or longer-term input.

The team recognises how important it is for you to learn as much as possible to support the way you manage the condition you experience. We respond to the need for “keeping well” education and we work with other parts of the community to jointly produce programmes and educational packages for this purpose. Examples of the community groups and organisations we work with include residential and nursing homes, day or voluntary services and independent groups. The team supports social inclusion - that is, enabling people to fully participate in society. We will work alongside your carers, particularly where there may be issues with your capacity to make your own decisions.

Members of the neighbourhood team run outpatient clinics and therapeutic groups in a variety of places across the locality and, when required, will visit you in your own home. We will make every effort to see you at a time convenient to yourself, your family and carers.

Courses available in your neighbourhood

We want to support your Recovery journey and wellbeing by offering a range of courses and resources, in order to support you with fulfilling your potential. These courses are linked to your local area.

Click here to print out all courses in the Erewash Neighbourhood

These groups/courses are run by Derbyshire Healthcare ( DHCFT) staff . They are evidence based mental health interventions that include therapeutic techniques, activities and coping skills to help people to understand and begin to manage their mental health.

Click here for more information about the Bipolar Support Group 
Click here for more information about the Recovery and Wellbeing Group

These groups/courses are run jointly in partnership with DHCFT staff and other community partners. They are evidence based co-produced and aim to help people to self manage their mental wellbeing.
Click here for more information about the Football Group 
Click here for more information about the Men in Sheds Group 
Click here for more information about the Walking Group

These groups/courses are run within the community and aim to improve health and wellbeing . This section also includes self help groups and activities.

Click here to visit our Recovery Centre and find out more about community activities in your neighbourhood.

Click here to find out about groups, activities and support sessions run by Derbyshire Recovery and Peer Support Service

Click here to find out more about Erewash Voluntary Action and activities and opportunities in Erewash

How to find us

Ilkeston Resource Centre
243 Heanor Road

Tel: 0300 123 3375

Monday – Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm

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