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Support available in your neighbourhood

We want to support your Recovery journey and wellbeing in order to support you with fulfilling your potential. 
There are various options for support across Derbyshire which cover your area.  We have provided you with some information below about courses and support available in and around Chesterfield but if you want to know more please contact the team.

Spireites Active for Life

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Chesterfield Fc Community Trust and Derbyshire County Council, Public Health work in partnership to develop and deliver this course.  The course consists of two 9 week cohorts which run throughout a 12 month period. This programme is part of a larger Mental Health strategy at the football club, which provides targeted recovery opportunities for individuals with severe mental health problems.  

The aims of the programme are to motivate individuals to improve their mental wellbeing and physical health through adopting more of an active lifestyle. The course objectives are to help individual’s learn about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, understand what this means to them and provide support for positive lifestyle changes. For many of the participants this is the first step to overcoming their mental health problems, believing in themselves again, regaining self confidence in their own abilities and opening a door back into society. 

The first hour of the session includes theory based educational topics such as; food and how it relates to our mood, barriers to exercise and how we can overcome the barriers, anxiety management, confidence building, fluid intake (water, caffeine and sugary drinks) and relaxation and mindfulness. The second hour of the session involves low key, team building physical activity. 

Skills to Recovery 

The 8 week course aims to support individuals to adopt different skills for recovery and well-being through a facilitated group process using an educational and practical approach. The group aims to help people to learn and practice about the benefits of a healthier and more confident lifestyle. It is delivered using a recovery focus and theme as a motivator to support health behaviour change. 

The Skills to Recovery is a course co-designed and delivered by peer support volunteers and Occupational Therapists. People can develop strategies and learn to manage their own mental health more effectively to help move towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. 

Different weekly topics include; Introduction to recovery, balancing your lifestyle, food for thought, healthy body healthy mind, building resilience, moving forward with confidence, steps to the future and my toolbox for keeping well. 

The Music Group

The music is partnered by the WEA and Derbyshire Healthcare NHS foundation trust. It is based at West Studio’s, Sheffield Road in Chesterfield on a weekly basis. A qualified music tutor teaches the sessions and different activities are completed such as guitar playing, singing, writing songs and playing the drums. This group can is for beginners but also more advanced musicians. This is a rolling program/group throughout the year with short breaks during holiday times. 

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