We want this website to be as easy to use as possible. We also want to be clear about our terms of use. This page covers two areas:

What is accessibility and why is it important?

To be accessible, the Derbyshire Healthcare website must be as easy to use and understand for as many visitors as possible. We are working to ensure that our website complies with the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C’s) Level AA guidelines for accessibility and we are committed to maintaining and improving the accessibility of our site. Learn more by reading our accessibility statement.

Contacting us

If you have any problems accessing information on this website, please let us know by emailing dhcft.communications@nhs.net or calling our Communications team on 01332 623700 extension 31218.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the accessibility of third party websites, documents and multimedia content that we may link to.

Text size

Can I change the font size used on the website?

Yes. This may be useful for you if you have low vision and need larger font sizes.

At the bottom of the page is an accessibility toolbar. The 'plus' (+) button next to the words 'text size' will make the text larger. The 'minus' (-) button will make the text smaller. There is also a reset button.

Text colour

Can I change the font colours used on the website?

Yes. This may be useful for you if you have low vision and need high contrast colours.

At the bottom of the page is an accessibility toolbar. Next to the word 'contrast' are four different colour options, in circles. Click once on a circle to change the colour option; to go back to the standard colour scheme, click on the same circle again or click on the reset button.


Can I change the language the website is written in?

Yes. At the bottom of the page is an accessibility toolbar. On the left-hand side is a drop-down arrow and the words 'select language'. You can select from a number of different languages. Once you have selected a language, the website content will automatically change to that language.

This feature is powered by Google Translate. While it is a useful tool, it is based on 'machine learning' and may not always provide a completely accurate translation. If you would like information on the website independently translated, please contact the Communications team or speak to the Derbyshire Healthcare team who are supporting you or the person you care for.

Keyboard navigation

Do I have to use a mouse to navigate the website?

No - you can use your keyboard. Use your arrow keys to scroll up or down the page. You can use your Tab key to move between links, and press Return or Enter to select one.

On online forms:

  • Use the Tab key to move from one 'field' or response box to the next. To go back, press Shift-Tab
  • Use the Return or Enter key to open up a drop-down list,and your arrow keys to move up and down that list. Use Return or Enter to select your preferred option
  • Use the Tab key to move between multiple choice buttons, and then the Space bar to select your preferred option. To 'uncheck' an option, press the Space bar again
  • Use the Space bar to tick the box confirming that you agree to our privacy policy
  • Use the Space bar to tick the reCAPTCHA box which says 'I'm not a robot'
  • Use the Space bar to submit the form.

PDF accessibility

We try to make sure that PDF documents on the Derbyshire Healthcare website are as accessible as possible.  If you are having problems accessing a particular document, please let us know by emailing dhcft.communications@nhs.net

Is there anything I can do to make PDF documents more accessible?

Useful information about how to make Acrobat documents more accessible can be found on Adobe’s website.

More information can be found on Adobe's pages on accessibility.

Downloading documents

What formats are downloadable documents provided in?

Downloadable documents on this website are provided in different formats. The most common are PDF, Word and Excel. If you require a document in an alternative format, please contact us at dhcft.communications@nhs.net.

What if I don’t have the software to open a document?

Most computers already have the software to open these document formats. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader (for reading PDFs), it is available from the Adobe website.

How do I save documents to my computer?

If you have a PC, right-click on the link to the document. If you use an Apple device, hold down the mouse button over the link. In both cases, a popup menu will then appear. Scroll down the menu and click on 'Save as' or ‘Save target as’. You will then be asked to choose a folder on your computer where you can save the document.

Some browsers such as Firefox and Chrome automatically download documents to your computer when you open them.

Video accessibility

Are Derbyshire Healthcare videos accessible?

As part of our commitment to the British Deaf Association's BSL Charter, all our most recent Trust videos are generally subtitled and have BSL interpretation. Our videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel where you watch them with closed captions.

If you need the text of a video, please contact us by emailing dhcft.communications@nhs.net. Don’t forget to let us know which video you are interested in.

Our terms of use and privacy policy

View our privacy policy, which is on a separate page.

Please open the accordion (drop-down box) below to view our terms of use.


The content of this website is the copyright of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust unless stated otherwise.  You may only download material for your personal use, private study, research or in-house use.  You must not copy, distribute or publish any material from this website unless formal permission is obtained from the copyright holder. 


While we have tried to compile accurate information on this site – and to keep it updated – we cannot guarantee that it is 100% complete or correct.

The information provided on this site does not constitute professional advice and is subject to change.


Links from this website are only provided for your information and convenience. We cannot accept responsibility for the link sites available through this website or the information found on them.  A link does not imply we endorse a particular site.  Neither does not linking to a site imply lack of endorsement.

Please note that Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites. We advise you to read the privacy statements of other sites when you leave Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust webpages.


We cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to this website, or the sites it links to.  We cannot accept responsibility for any damages which arise from the loss of use of this information.

Privacy Statement 

Our privacy statement below discloses the privacy practices for this website.

Collection and use of information 

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust does not collect or keep any personal information about site users as a matter of course.

We will only retain any personal information you provide via the website feedback forms to assist us with your enquiry or complaint. This information is treated confidentially – in the same way, as your medical records would be. The information you provide will only be shown to such of our employees who need it to deal with your comments or enquiry.

Any confidential information you provide to us is governed by our Data Protection Policy and codes of conduct.

Logged information 

We use records of the number of visitors our site has to analyse trends, or administer the site and to see what pages visitors use.  These records do not contain personal information.

Anonymous access

You can access and browse this site without disclosing your personal identifiable information.

We do not automatically store or collect any personal information about our visitors, neither do we store nor collect personal information from other sources, such as public records or private organisations.

We do collect information from the technology that is used to view our site which we use to analyse trends and administer the site. The data collected to enable us to do this is anonymous and does not identify you as an individual.

Computer viruses

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the information held on this website is free from computer viruses or other contamination. However, it is recommended that content downloaded from this site is checked by your own anti-virus checking system prior to use.

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust cannot accept liability for any damage caused to computer systems and/or data contained therein by any product, including viruses, in content downloaded from this website.

Notification of changes

Any changes to this disclaimer or the privacy statement below will be posted on our homepage so that our visitors are always aware of what information we collect and how we use it.

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