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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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The Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Drugs and Therapeutics Committee works with the Joint Area Prescribing Committee to ensure medicines are made available to the patients it cares for that are considered to have good evidence for safety, effectiveness and value.

The Drugs and Therapeutics Committee meets every two months and reviews new medicines, new evidence and latest guidance, such as NICE. NICE Guidance which relates to medicines is processed and incorporated into a jointly agreed Formulary. The Formulary gives details of the medicines that can be prescribed under national and local guidelines and policies. 

NICE-approved medicines are routinely available at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust where we offer the relevant specialist services, or where care is provided under the direction and guidance of the relevant specialist.

To access the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Formulary for all medicines please view Derbyshire Medicine Management Prescribing and Guidelines. This is a joint website for local medicines information, policy and decisions for Derbyshire's Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).