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Saturday 16 February 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Occupational Therapy

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust believe that all service users should have access to Occupational Therapy that promotes recovery, wellbeing (enjoyment and achievement), social inclusion and independence through a person-centred approach

Occupational therapy is person-centred; it focuses on strengths and maximising potential, and enables people to take an active role in working towards their goals and aspirations. In this way, occupational therapy has a positive impact on a person’s recovery, wellbeing, independence and quality of life across the following domains:

Self-care - looking after ourselves

  • taking care of our general wellbeing - our physical and mental health
  • managing our basic personal needs, such as eating, washing and dressing
  • coping with domestic tasks, such as shopping and cooking.


Productivity - working towards our goals

  • caring for our home and for others - our family, our friends and our pets
  • meeting our responsibilities as a student, a volunteer or a worker
  • contributing to our neighbourhoods or a faith communities.


Leisure - having a satisfying routine

  • developing our interests, relaxing and having fun
  • enjoying activities that meet our physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs
  • being with others and maintaining a social network.