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Monday 08 February 2016
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Bolsover & Clay Cross neighbourhood

The Bolsover & Clay Cross neighbourhood provides an ageless service offering assessment, signposting, short-term intervention and longer-term intervention to Bolsover & Clay Cross residents.

The service consists of a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, mental health support workers and consultant psychiatrists. 

What does the service provide?

The Bolsover & Clay Cross neighbourhood offers interventions to people with a range of mental health difficulties for example psychosis, bi-polar, personality disorder, severe depression and anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and dementia. The aim of all intervention is to assist the person in their recovery, if not of full health, of optimum quality of life. Working in a multi-disciplinary way this may include a range of interventions including medical and psycho-social interventions as well as psychological approaches, and will always involve a collaborative approach with those involved and, where appropriate, their carers.

The neighbourhood service will assess all referrals but will only undertake short-term work with people who are either at risk whilst adjusting to a life event or have a specific mental health diagnosis which requires a short-term intervention. The neighbourhood service also provides longer term interventions where needed; this includes an assertive outreach function which is geared towards people who experience psychosis and have difficulties engaging with healthcare services, and/or need very proactive approaches to ensure that the service meets their individual needs.

The team recognises and responds to the need for dementia education and support on the part of other sectors of the community who provide care – residential and nursing homes for example, day or voluntary services. The team includes signposting and supporting social inclusion as a function of its role.

Neighbourhood staff run outpatient clinics and therapeutic groups in a variety of places across the locality and when required will visit people in their own homes. 

How to find us

The Old Vicarage
High Street
S44 6HF

Tel01246 827904

Monday – Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm