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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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3. Annual Health Check: Training

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People with learning disabilities often have difficulty in recognising illness, communicating their needs and using health services. Research shows that regular health checks for people with learning disabilities often uncover treatable health conditions. Most of these are simple to treat and make the person feel better, while sometimes serious illnesses such as cancer are found at an early stage when they can be treated.

The Annual Health Check is also a chance for the person to get used to going to their GP practice, which reduces their fear of going at other times.

The practice providing this service must attend an education session. The training is led by Learning Disability Strategic Health Facilitators in partnership with self-advocates. 

The training should be completed by healthcare professionals before health checks are conducted. Training must be completed by year end. 

At a minimum, participating staff should include the lead General Practitioner (GP) for learning disability, lead Practice Nurse and Practice Manager/Senior Receptionist. Care co-ordinators and pharmacy staff would also benefit.


  • identification of patients with learning disabilities and clinical coding
  • the range and increased health needs associated with learning disabilities
  • what an annual health check should cover 
  • information that should be requested prior to an annual health check
  • adjustments the practice might need to make to facilitate good uptake, effectiveness and access to the health check
  • health action plans
  • overcoming barriers.


See the below for current dates or contact the Learning Disability Strategic Health Facilitation (SHF) Team.

  • LD Annual Health Check training - Ilkeston
    Wednesday 13 February 2019
    Ilkeston Resource Centre,
    Heanor Road, Ilkeston DE7 8LN

  • LD Annual Health Check training - Chesterfield
    Wednesday 27 February 2019
    St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road,
    Chesterfield S40 3AW      

  • LD Annual Health Check training - Derby
    Wednesday 6 March 2019
    Centre for Research and Development, 
    Kingsway Hospital, Derby, DE22 3LZ 

  • LD Annual Health Check training - Buxton
    Wednesday 13 March 2019
    Cavendish Hospital, Manchester Road, Buxton, SK17 6TE

To book, contact the Strategic Health Facilitation Team on 01332 268455 or email  jackie.fleeman@nhs.net  or rachel.johnson10@nhs.net   

Where the reports from the Area Team regarding health checks provided show that a practice has a low uptake the SHF team will offer to provide more intensive support to that practice. 

Please contact the Strategic Health Facilitation Team if the dates available are not suitable as alternative arrangements can be made.

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