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Tuesday 26 March 2019
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4. Annual Health Check: Template

Health Check Template - Easy Read
Image courtesy of Photosymbols: www.photosymbols.com

In order to make sure that all the relevant health issues are covered in the health check, and captured onto the practice system, the practices participating must use an electronic template. GP practices will be required to use a suitably accredited protocol/template agreed with the Area Team. 

The recommended templates for TPP and EMIS are either DerbysLD2017 or the National Template

•    EMIS    

 For EMIS local DerbysLD2017 practices should email email necsu.dpcif@nhs.net  and someone from the team will supply the data entry template as required/requested and where necessary can assist the practices to import this. 

Emis users National Template: The template is in EMIS Library > Primary Care Templates > Learning Disabilities HCAP

The template is active, the protocol is inactive.

The protocol - To activate the protocol, you need to go into the templates manager and then navigate to EMIS Library > EMIS Protocols > DES Protocols Its in as Health Check Action Plan Launch and Print Protocol. Right click on it, select Status and click activate, it will then be available to add to your F12 menu

•         TPPSystmone

For local DerbysLD2017 GP Practices are to use the instructions attached (email change to necsu.dpcif@nhs.net ). Available from Derbyshire’s SharePoint site. To assist you in logging into SharePoint a SharePoint Login Instructions document is available. The practice must check that they have downloaded the most recent version. This is called: Derbys LD 2017.

In the event of Sharepoint proving difficult to access, contact the  Primary Care Informatics Facilitation Team by emailing necsu.dpcif@nhs.net  or calling 01246 588826.

The Data Quality GP facing Sharepoint site that practices use for downloading new clinical templates, policies procedures etc. is available via:

To make the TPP S1 Template, Reporting, Mail Merge etc. sharing easier, GEMCSU are using relatively new functionality in SystmOne called Organisation Groups (this has already been adopted by some practices). An example can be found by clicking here.

SystmOne users National Template:The Learning disability template for S1 can be found in Setup>Data Entry,>New Template Maintenance

Template highlighted in the shot below


It is really important that the correct Read Codes are applied. These can be found in the Guidance Document and Technical Requirements Document. If the wrong codes are applied this may lead to non payment of the Annual Health Check 

Make sure that you have applied the correct Read Code once the LD Health Examination has taken place: LD Health examination69DB or XaPx2

Learning Disability (LD) Health Checks scheme

READ & CTV3 codes

The codes below will provide the LD QOF Register


Read v2

Read CTV3

Mental Retardation



(X) Mental retardation


Included in E3…%

(X) Developmental disorder of scholastic skills, unspecified *



(X) Mild learning disability *



(X) Moderate learning disability



(X) Severe learning disability



(X) Profound learning disability



Specific Learning Disability*



The code below will be included on QOF register but is advised to apply only to those eligible for LD Health Check

On LD register



*These codes may highlight people who have learning difficulties rather than learning disabilities.


Other useful Read Codes:

  • Autism E2v2/ X00TN
  • Down Syndrome PJO/ XE1MZ
  • Developmental Delay X76B7


If you are using the Derbys LD 2017 these codes are automatically applied once you tick the relevant boxes.

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