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Monday 25 March 2019
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12. Annual Health Check: Payment

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Payment counts will be a non-cumulative quarterly counts from the point the practice begins to deliver the service and management information counts will be a mixture of non-cumulative and cumulative quarterly counts (which will serve for audit purposes).

The Read2 and CTV3 codes will be used as the basis for the GPES extraction, which will allow CQRS to calculate payment and support the management information extractions, when available. Practices will therefore need to ensure that they use the relevant Read 2 or CTV3 codes and if necessary re-code patients as required. 

Payments can only be processed after commissioners have offered and practices have accepted a service on CQRS. Agreement to participate in a service on CQRS is separate to confirming acceptance of a contract for services with commissioners.


Derbyshire & Derby City GP Practices Payment and CQRS queries contact:

Primary Care Support, North Midlands
NHS England

Email: DNGP.NHSE@nhs.net

The payment process

Practices will be required to manually input data into CQRS, on a quarterly basis, until such time as GPES121 is available to conduct electronic data collections. The data input will be in relation to the payment count only, with zeros being entered in the interim for the management information counts.

Payment under this Extraction Service will be on a quarterly basis comprising £140.00 for each patient aged 14 and over in the financial year on the practice agreed learning disabilities register, who receives a compliant health check in that quarter. Only one payment may be made as regards to any patient, in a given practice, in any one financial year.

CQRS will calculate the quarterly payment, based on the quarterly achievement data either via manually entered data or data extracted from GPES. In order to be paid for the LD Annual Health Checks you must enter onto CQRS the LD Register figure, and check the number of health checks completed is correct.

Payment should be made by the last day of the month following the month in which the practice and area team approve the payment. Where CQRS has not been provided with data (i.e. the practice has not enabled the extraction or the extraction is not supported by their system supplier) the data will need to be entered onto CQRS manually.

After CQRS has calculated the practice’s final achievement payment, the practice should review 'the payment value’ and declare the 'achievement declaration’. The area team will then approve the payment (assuming that the criteria for the service have been met) and initiate the payment via the payment agency’s Exeter system.

What happens after data has been submitted?

Once practices have submitted their data and the declaration and approval process has been followed, then payment for the service will be sent to the payment agency for processing.

Practices will be expected to ensure that the count of patients who have received a health check over the year does not exceed the number of patients on the agreed learning disabilities register. Practices cannot give more health checks than those on the local learning disabilities register, and they can only receive one payment per patient.

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