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Monday 18 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Neurodevelopmental team

Child with mother doing homework

The Children and Young People (CYPD) Neurodevelopmental team is a team of nursing staff and support workers who work closely with the community paediatrician service.

Together they provide a service to children and young people living in Derby and South Derbyshire, Amber Valley and  Erewash who have a diagnosis of, or are in the process of an assessment for, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The team provides parent support sessions to help parents and carers to understand and feel confident in managing their child’s behaviours and sleep difficulties. We also provide information following diagnosis, including treatment options for ADHD.

In addition, the team provides support advice to professionals and schools supporting the child /young person.

The team also meets children and their families six-monthly in clinic to review the child’s health if they are taking prescribed ADHD medication.

The team will consult, when necessary, with a paediatrician and the child’s GP.

Referral Criteria:

Referrals can be made for children and young people of school age – up to 18 years – by GPs/school nurses/nursery or school teachers, via SPOA.

Information will be requested from parents and school/education, to be submitted at the point of referral.

Children will be seen by the team during the assessment for ADHD and after diagnosis.

If the child has been started on ADHD medication they will be seen by the nursing team after they have been stabilised on ADHD medication which is initiated by the community paediatricians.

All families of children who have a diagnosis of ADHD will be invited to attend our parents support sessions: introduction to the Neurodevelopmental team,123 magic parent programme and sleep support session, adolescents with ADHD support session and implementation sessions.

Referral mechanism:

All referrals should be made to the SPOA