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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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My Child’s Development:
How Can I Help?

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Let me copy your face movements

Give me a toy or a nappy while youchange me

Let me see your face when I am grumpy, tired or hungry

Tickle my feet


Play Peek a Boo with me

Sing to me

Tell me what you are doing

Copy my sounds and babbling

Physical Development

Let me kick my legs around

Cover my legs so I can kick the
blanket off

Put my toys next to me so I can
reach for them

Stroke my cheeks as you talk
to me

Birth – 11 Months


Hold my hands and help me clap as you sing

Help me play with my hands by putting toys near me


Read to me and
share books with me

Expressive Arts and Design

I need to explore, let me make a mess!

I need to hear words, speak to me.

Understanding the world

I need to develop relationships
with adults – Introduce me!

Let me hold your finger

Let me look in mirrors

Let me play with toys that make different noises.