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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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My Child’s Development:
How Can I Help?

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Let me build things with friends

Lets match socks together

Let me dress up and pretend to be different people

Explain why I can not do things like run around the supermarket


Play listening games with me like ‘Simon Says’

Talk to me about things we did yesterday

When I am helping you make lunch ask me questions about it like ‘What do we put the milk in?’

Give me simple instructions like ‘Put your shoes in the cupboard’

Physical Development

Let me practice using children's scissors

Lets make an obstacle course together

Make sure I brush my teeth twice a day

30 to 50 Months


Make number cards and let me put the right number of items on the card

Lets make things out of cardboard boxes, use words such as long, tall

Lets go on a shape walk to find different shapes around me


Lets make a shop with packets so I can read what I am selling

Tell me what you are writing on your shopping list

Lets make a name sign for my door and a placemat so I can learn to write my name

Expressive Arts and Design

Let me use paints to mix colours

Let me use my toys to make up stories

Let me make a spaceship with boxes.

Understanding the world

Take me to different places near where we live like the library

Let me explore in mud, rain or snow

Lets plant seeds and watch them grow!

Let me press the buttons on the crossing and the doorbells to see what happens!