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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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My Child’s Development:
How Can I Help?

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Lets make a den from sheets!

Lets do crafts together

Talk to me about the order we do things like eat breakfast then brush our teeth


Lets play with sock puppets when you read to me

Tell me what you are doing when you are making my tea

When we are playing use words to describe and tell me what everything is.

Physical Development

Play ball games with me

Let me try and dress my doll or teddy

Let me help get my lunch ready

22 to 36 Months


Let me sort clothes with you in to the same pattern or colour

Play skittles and let me keep score


Let me use my toys to tell you a story

Let me finish sentences in books I know well

Let me make lists with you

Expressive Arts and Design

Let me explore different sounds I can make with everyday objects

Let me dress up and pretend I am someone else.

Understanding the world

Let me try foods from different cultures and countries

Let me use cars and make up stories about journeys

Let me press buttons and see what happens

Lets play with bubbles when it is windy!