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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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My Child’s Development:
How Can I Help?

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Share photos and videos of me 

Let me share sandwiches out on to a plate 

Play copying games with me



Talk to me about sounds we can hear and make animal sounds

Play games with instructions like: Roll the Ball

Let me help with the shopping: Find the apples…

Give me choices on what to eat e.g. Apple or Banana

Physical Development

Give me a bag with interesting things in

Let me wash my own hands and face

Let me try and put my shoes on myself

16 to 26 Months


Count with me as I get dressed – one sock, two socks, one button, two buttons

Let me play with puzzles

Let me explore ‘Full’ and ‘Empty’ with bottles in the bath


Let me point to things in books and tell you about them

Let me make marks on paper using crayons and pencils


Expressive Arts and Design

Give me a big piece of paper so I can make marks with my hands and feet using paint 

Give me an old telephone so I can call you 

Give me a bowl of water so I can wash my doll

Understanding the world

Let me tell you about photos' of special adults

Let me splash in puddles wearing my wellies

Let me climb a little hill and run down it

Let me take pictures of things.