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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Michael's Story

Michael - Young Patient

Michael enjoyed school and had plenty of friends but by Year 2 realised that PE and other motor activities were tricky. He found standing up and picking his way through the other children at carpet time difficult. He slouched in his chair and was very messy eating at the dining table at home. He often tripped up and was poor at football. In class he struggled to put the maths blocks together, and hold his ruler straight to draw a line. When writing he knew what to write but his pencil control was poor and his letters large and untidy. He began to dislike lessons and his confidence was beginning to fade. Michael's Mum and teacher arranged for him to be seen by the Community Paediatrician who referred him to the Community Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist.

The assessment highlighted that Michael's gross and fine motor skills were poor due to reduced shoulder and hip stability. A programme of exercise were given to home and school to be carried out everyday for six weeks. It was also suggested that Michael practised some hand activities to develop his fine finger control. A shaped pencil grip was given to Michael and a ruler with a handle. It was also suggested that he try writing with his book on a sloping board.

When he returned to see the therapists after six weeks, he was much stronger around his hips and shoulders. He was able to balance on one leg and hop, run up the stairs and was able to use a knife and fork without spilling food. His writing had started to become smaller and neater. A new programme of exercises was given to build on his success together with some activities to improve his scissor skills. Michael's confidence was returning and he was keen to try playing football with his Dad and brother.