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Monday 25 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Hand and Fine Motor Skills

Hand Skills Activities 

Work through these advice and information sheets in order.

If you notice major difficulties or have queries about how to help your child, please contact your Occupational Therapist for more detailed advice.

Hand and Fine Motor Skills

The aim of providing this information is to provide parents and school staff with clear, supportive instructions to help with the development of coordination and strength of children’s hand and finger muscles so that they can handle small objects.

These activities will provide the child with all the basic skills needed for successful handling and control of objects such as pencils, buttons, jigsaw pieces etc.

You should demonstrate each task to your child first so that he/she understands it. Then, please work through all the activities in order, ticking them off as the child achieves them. If the child is having problems with any of the task, practice it regularly and provide slight variations to maintain interest, until it is no longer difficult.