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Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Case Studies

young boy writing

Families' Experiences

Janet, our Occupational Therapist,  was already working with us before Lizzie started school.  She had been to see us at home, and had provided some equipment to help Lizzie cope around the house.  Some of the equipment she can provide directly, but she has also helped us find other people (usually charities) who can get us some things which she can’t get herself.  In those cases she has provided a written reference to back up our application – she also did that for us when we applied for Disability Living Allowance.

When Lizzie started school Janet came with us beforehand to see if anything needed to be changed or added so that Lizzie could manage better.  She still comes in periodically to check that everything is still OK, and to see if there is anything else that would help, and we’ve already started talking about how Janet can help with the move to secondary school.

As a mum, it’s just reassuring to know that if we come across any problems or need any advice, there is someone I can ring.”  Written by Fiona – mum to Lizzie, aged 7, who has achondroplasia

"Janet first got me a stool to sit on at carpet or assembly times at school and then she realised that it would hurt my spine and so she got me a proper small chair that would help me not to hurt my spine.

Janet got me a chair to sit on at my table but not like the other chairs on my table, a special chair but the chair that I sit on at my table has not got something to lean on at the bottom for my spine.  Occasionally every now and then my back hurts in the mornings or any time of the day, Janet is getting me a new small chair to sit on to see if that is better than the one now I sit on. She [Janet] got me a table at home to do things or so that Joseph and I can sit at it to eat meals."  Lizzie (dictated and then typed by Lizzie herself)

"Sam is fortunate to receive his physiotherapy as part of his school programme. His therapist works in school on a regular basis, instructing us as parents and all of his teachers/assistants in the next stages of his development. We all work as a team and follow the same techniques to ensure continuity for our child. It’s a proactive approach which helps everyone, especially Sam. "  by Sam's Mum.