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Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Information about your therapists at the Ronnie MacKeith Centre

Ronnie MacKeith Centre
Ronnie MacKeith Centre

Liz and Jan have a wealth of skills and experience having worked with special needs children for over 20 years. Liz has worked in different areas and has spent some time working overseas including a period of time doing voluntary work in India.

Both have represented their profession at a national level on committees. Jan has presented information at national conferences. They are both registered with the Health Profession Council.

Jan and Liz are both trained Bobath Neurodevelopmental therapists. Bobath is a post graduate training in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy and other allied neurological conditions.

Liz is the regional representative for Bobath trained therapists in this area. Further information can be found on the website www.bobath.co.uk

They are also experienced in other therapy techniques and regularly update their knowledge and skills.

Liz has trained in some specialist techniques for treating and assessment of premature babies. She has a special interest in developing this service.

Jan who has won two national awards for innovation will go out of her way to try to find solutions to any practical problems your child is having.

Liz and Jan are both qualified clinical supervisors and periodically have students on placement.

Jan Nicholson
Jan Nicholson

Occupational Therapy

Jan Nicholson

Senior Occupational Therapist for the Ronnie MacKeith centre

Who do I see?

I see babies and children with physical and / or sensory developmental difficulties.

How can I help?

I will work with you and others involved in the care of your child.

I work closely with Liz Tilston and rest of the therapy team to ensure we can maximise your child’s physical development and mobility.

Sensory Difficulties

If your child is experiencing sensory problems such as defensiveness to touch I can advise you on activities and strategies to help overcome this.

Hand skills

I will help your child with his / her hand skills to enable them to play with toys easier, control everyday early self care tools such as cutlery and toothbrushes etc and to manage essential learning equipment at nursery such as pencils.

Provision of MobilityEquipment

I am the person to ask about special buggies or wheelchairs.

Toys and Play Equipment

I will help you find toys and play equipment for use at home or nursery which your child can use to be like their friends such as: special supportive bikes, swings etc.

Specialist Equipment

I can help your child engage in home activities safely for example arranging provision of a special bath seat; advising on special car seat or car harnesses.

Outside Visits

I can help your child in nursery by visiting and advising staff.

I welcome other members of your family and other professionals  i.e. health visitors / nursery nurses to any appointments to help with continuity of care.

Liz Tilston
Liz Tilston


Liz Tilston

Senior Physiotherapist for the Ronnie MacKeith Centre

Who do I see?

I see babies or children who are at risk or who have been identified to have problems with movement and posture.

How can I help?

I work in a variety of ways with babies, children and their families or carers to help with movement and posture.

I will initially assess your baby or child and then offer intervention as necessary.

Developing movement skills

I can show you ways that you can help your baby or child to improve their movement patterns. I can also show you how to progress these skills appropriately.


Advice can be given on positions that would be beneficial to your child for play, their development and for comfort.

Advise on carrying and handling your child

The way that your baby or child is carried or handled can affect their posture and movement throughout the day. Alternative methods can be shown.

Provision of any splints/orthotics if necessary

Sometimes splints can be required to give additional support or help with positioning. Splints are made of different materials from rigid footsplints to flexible lycra garments.

Provision of equipment

I can help with the provision of some equipment to help with movement and postural development.  For example standing frames and walking aids.

Liaison with other professionals

I work closely with Jan Nicholson and the other professionals who may be involved in the care of your child.

I welcome other members of your family and other professionals  i.e. health visitors / nursery nurses to any appointments to help with continuity of care.