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Sunday 17 February 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Early Years Service

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Our service and what we do

Referrals to the Service

Most referrals to the physiotherapist or occupational therapist come from the hospital paediatric consultants, community consultants, health visitors, or other therapists. Once the referral has been received the initial appointment will be offered as soon as possible. The time scale will depend upon the nature of the concern and the demand on the service at the time.

Where will you be seen?

Your child will be seen at the Ronnie MacKeith Child Development Centre on the site of Derbyshire Children’s Hospital / Derby City Hospitals. Map below.


There are disabled parking bays directly outside the centre, however these are often full. The nearest car park is car park 6. Parking charges apply.

Visits to homes and nurseries by the occupational therapists and physiotherapists are offered on a restricted basis.

What will the therapists do?

Your therapist will work with you and your child and the wider team, to enable you to help your child and help them achieve their potential at home, school and during play. 

They will give you therapy activities to practice at home in addition to the work done in sessions. They rely on you to provide information and feedback about any difficulties or successes in carrying out the advice so that their help can be as effective as possible.

The therapists may suggest and provide equipment / orthoses to help your child reach their potential.

How often/long will my child need to see the therapist? 

This will depend upon the individual child and their needs.


Information about your child and yourselves is treated in a strictly confidential manner.

It is good practice to discuss the clinical needs of your child and share information with other appropriately involved professionals. In this way we can co-ordinate our care to offer the best service to your child and yourself. At the initial appointment you will be given a consent form to sign on which you can identify those you do / do not wish us to communicate with.


As part of a teaching facility we are involved in the training of therapy and medical students. All students have undergone full CRB checks.  If you do not wish for a student to be present at your appointment please let us know.