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Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Children in Care health team: Information for young people and care leavers


Our Children in Care nurses are qualified nurses with specialist training who offer confidential support and information if you have worries or problems. An initial health assessment is undertaken by a specialist doctor within 20 days of entering care which assesses your current health needs and how you are feeling. The Children in Care nurses also undertake your annual review health assessment, which is based more about you, your emotions and your health. The nurses are someone to talk to, who will listen to you during your health assessment or in between health assessments and are available 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. You have the right to speak the Children in Care nurse or doctor in confidence and in private. The only time when the nurse or doctor does not keep confidentiality is when you are or someone else is hurt or in danger.

What help can the Children in Care health team provide for you?

Information and advice about:

• healthy eating and lifestyle choices
• contraception/emergency contraception
• how to manage stress
• eating disorders and where to get help
• healthy and unhealthy relationships
• smoking cessation
• bullying
• physical development and what is expected during puberty
• alcohol issues
• pregnancy testing
• drugs and where to get help
• sexual health and gender identity and where to get help

Why do I need a health assessment?

All children need to be as healthy as possible. In order to support you being as healthy as possible, health assessments are completed on entry into care within 20 working days (completed by a specialist doctor) and by a specialist nurse every year (if aged five years or older) to review your overall health and wellbeing.

What is a health assessment?

The assessment is a discussion about your health and well-being and an opportunity to obtain advice about health issues and leading a healthy lifestyle. The Children in Care health team need this information to ensure you are as healthy as possible. After this the nurse or doctor writes a healthcare plan with you and this is shared with your Social Worker and carer.

Where will my health assessment take place?

Initial health assessments will either take place at Royal Derby Hospital or at Sinfin Health Centre.
Review health assessments take place at Sinfin Health Centre.

What happens after the health assessment?

The health care plan identifies health needs, how they will be met and who will deal with them.

The health plan

The health plan will be discussed at your Children in Care (Looked-After Child) review.
It can also be reviewed at any time if your health needs change.
The plan is shared with carers and other professionals involved in keeping you healthy.

The plan is only shared with people who need to know.


If you require further assistance, support or advice, contact:

Children in Care Nursing Service
Sinfin Health Centre
DE24 3DS

Tel: 01332 888040 ext 88529, 88530, 88531 or 88520

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Where can I learn more or get support?

Derby City Council's Connexions team is a city-centre based service offering information, advice, referral and support to young people from 12 to 25 years old. Learn more on the Derby City Council website.

Become, the charity for children in care and young care leavers, has lots of information and advice for people leaving care.  

Other websites that may be useful are Young Minds and The Samaritans. There is information on the Derbyshire Community Health Services website about sexual health services.