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Monday 25 March 2019
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Information for foster carers with young children

Mother and Baby

Our Children in Care nurses are all qualified nurses with specialist training who offer confidential advice, information and support in caring for the health of the children in your care. They also carry out review health assessments in line with statutory guidance.

Children in Care nurses are someone to talk to, who will listen. You are welcome to ask to speak with the Children in Care nurses in confidence at the review health assessment or upon request in between health assessments. The only time when our Children in Care nurses do not keep confidentially is when there are issues of safeguarding involving the child.

What help can they provide?

Our Children in Care nurses can provide help and advice on a range of issues, including: 

  • Infant nutrition and weaning
  • Growing up
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Speech and language
  • Children with disabilities
  • Toilet training
  • Signposting to agencies
  • Early puberty
  • Behaviour management
  • Attachment and emotional health
  • Physical health
  • Play
  • Support for carers
  • Accident prevention
  • Storage of medication 
Why do Children in Care need a review health assessment?

All children need to be as healthy as possible. In order to support the child being as healthy as possible, health assessments are completed on entry into care within 20 working days (completed by a specialist doctor) and by a specialist nurse every six months, up to the age of five years, then annually, to review the child’s overall health and wellbeing.

What is a review health assessment?

The assessment is a discussion about the child’s health and wellbeing and an opportunity to obtain advice about health issues and leading a healthy lifestyle. The Children in Care health team needs this information to ensure the child in your care is as healthy as possible. After this the nurse or doctor writes a healthcare plan with you and your child which is shared with the child's social worker.

Where will my health assessment take place?

Initial assessments will take place either at Royal Derby Hospital or at Sinfin Health Centre. Review health assessments take place at Sinfin Health Centre.

What happens after the health assessment?

The health care plan identifies any health needs, how they will be met and who will deal with them.

The health plan

The health care plan will be discussed at the Children in Care (Looked-After Child) review. It can also be reviewed at any time if the child’s health needs change. The plan is shared with carers and other professionals involved in keeping the child healthy.

The plan is only shared with people who need to know.


If you require further assistance contact:

Children in Care Nursing Service
Sinfin Health Centre
DE24 3DS

Tel: 01332 888040 ext 88529, 88530, 88531 or 88520

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm