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Monday 25 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Mad Pride 2013

Mad Pride 2013
Mad Pride 2013

This year our Trust will be supporting Derbyshire Voice as they host an event to celebrate Mad Pride.

Derbyshire Voice are a service user led organisation and a registered charity and company. They play an important part in working to improve mental health services across Derby City and Derbyshire County. Derbyshire Voice support past and present receivers of mental health services to attend NHS meetings to represent the views of other service receivers. 

Mad Pride is a movement of users and refusers of the psychiatric system that join together to celebrate mental health survivor culture and explore the positives of madness.

Mad Pride seek to reclaim terms like "mad", "nutter" and "psycho" from misuse, such as in tabloid newspapers. Mad Pride wishes to re-educate the general public on mental health and the experiences of those that have used the mental health system. Whilst providers of services tend to focus their awareness raising on World Mental Health Day, the grass roots “pride” day for psychiatric survivors is July 14th 2013. This day was chosen because it is Bastille Day and when the Bastille prison was stormed, the people who were freed had been held prisoner because they were deemed “insane”.

See below various events being held across Derbyshire to celebrate Mad Pride:

2013 Mad Pride events are: 

Monday 8th July: Public Laughter Session
Chesterfield town centre 12pm-1pm (open to all). Participants are invited to meet at 11.45am outside McDonalds and Boots. www.laughteryoga.co.uk

Tuesday 9th July: Candlelit Vigil
Star Disk, Wirksworth, DE4 4EN, from 9pm-10pm (open to all). We will spend time in contemplation and remembrance for those that have lost loved ones and friends to mental health and suicide www.stardiscenterprise.co.uk/index.html

Wednesday 10th July: The Queens of Hearts Tournament
A joint event with Derbyshire Voice and Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (see attachment for full details).

Thursday 11th July: Mad Hatters Tea Party and Wonderland Ball
Derby, 6pm - Midnight (by invitation only from Derbyshire Voice) - including live entertainment, creative activities, a raffle and Derbyshire Voice’s public declaration of mad pride.

For information about Mad Pride, please contact Lou Kowalski at Derbyshire Voice by emailing louise@derbyshire-voice.co.uk or on telephone 01773 746919.

Attachment: Mad Pride 2013

Like Derbyshire Voices' Facebook page www.facebook.com/madpridederbyshire

Follow Mad Pride on Twitter @madpride2013

Mad Pride website: https://sites.google.com/site/madpride2013