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Saturday 16 February 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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The Healthcare Enterprise East Innovation Competition 2012 is now open for entries

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Synopsis from HEE website:

Our competition this year is focused on improving patient outcomes through integrated care pathways. Integrated Care pathways cover the entire process of managing a patient from preventative screening programmes & diagnosis through to treatment, follow up and long term management of chronic conditions.

Identifying triggers for change in care pathways is a powerful tool for innovation as it focuses directly on high priority needs. Positively impacting care pathways benefits all involved - patients, staff, outcomes and ultimately, the health service as a whole.

The competition this year has four main categories as outlined below. In each category two prizes will be awarded - one for the best Medical Technology Innovation and one for the best Service Innovation.

Medical technology innovations can include, but are not limited to, ideas for medical devices, clinical equipment, diagnostic assays or kits, software applications and therapeutic agents that are either new or a significant improvement upon those already available.

Service innovations can include, but are not limited to, new ideas for training aids, publications, service redesign or improvement methods or best practice guidance to overcome healthcare challenges. 

Competition Categories:

Disease prevention, screening & diagnosis

Disease prevention and early diagnosis is a primary healthcare goal, it ensures the best possible outcomes for patients and can significantly reduce costs. Disease prevention, screening and diagnosis encompass many areas due to the diverse ways in which diseases manifest. Therefore in this category innovations focused on disease prevention and diagnosis might range from improved sanitation practices to an in vitro assay or imaging technique.

Surgical disease management

Major advances are being made in surgical techniques due to technology and scientific innovations enabling new procedures to be performed and the reduction in the invasiveness of approaches. Your innovation can be related to an invasive medical procedure, for example a simple instrument which aids with the introduction of a catheter, to a new surgical procedure.

Therapeutic disease management

Therapeutic disease management to treat a disease covers a wide range of approaches including drugs, physical therapies and life style changes. Within this category innovations can include all such areas for example programmes aimed at modifying patient behaviour, medicine management, a physiotherapy or a drug delivery device.

Long term disease management and care

As the population ages more people are living with long-term conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neurological conditions, and mental health problems. These significantly impact the quality of life of patients, carers and family. We would like to see ideas that can make a difference to the care of people with long-term conditions which may include, but will not be limited to, new technologies or services which allow care to be delivered closer to home or those which empower people to take greater control and responsibility of their health and care.

If you would like to nominate for one of the categories above, please visit the HEE website for further information, and get in touch with the Communications Team who can support your nomination application. The closing date for entries is 10 August 2012, so don't delay!